George Gwozdecky, Hobey Baker, Shalane Flanagan and Kara Goucher, and Gene Curnow

The latest on George Gwozdecky’s firing at the University of Denver from Mike Chambers at the Denver Post here.

And from Joe Paisley of the Colorado Springs Gazette here.

And from Chris Peters of the United States of Hockey here.

The 2013 Hobey Baker Memorial Award field of 10 will be reduced to three Wednesday. U.S. College Hockey Online has a Hobey Hat Trick prediction here.

Training partners Shalane Flanagan and Kara Goucher went 1-2 in a 10K on the track last Friday in Stanford, Calif., in preparation for the Boston Marathon on April 15. Video of the race is here.

Flotrack video interviews with Flanagan here and Goucher here.

A memorial service for running notable Eugene Curnow is 4-7 p.m. Thursday at the Cremation Society chapel at 4100 Grand Avenue in Duluth. Curnow died March 28. A News Tribune obituary is here.

8 thoughts on “George Gwozdecky, Hobey Baker, Shalane Flanagan and Kara Goucher, and Gene Curnow

  1. “Gwozdecky, 59, compiled a 443-267-64 record at DU.”
    That’s an unbelievable record. I don’t get this one at all… how do you fire a coach with that kind of winning percentage? UMD would be happy with 100 less wins than that! Conference contender every year. NCAAs every year. 20 wins every year. What the heck more does DU want?!!

  2. BBP – because there are a lot of college hockey fans like you that have unreal expectations and think their team should go to the frozen four every year and win at least 5 NC in a 10 year period. Unfortunately some ADs listen to these unrealistic fans.

  3. I’d take top half of the league consistently and at least one conference championship in 14 years….and a major presences in the community… not unrealistic, just demanding….

  4. Just for the record boys do you know the best record in college hockey the last 4 years? Scott Sandelin and the UMD Bulldogs.

  5. BBP and Dog Fan, Sandelin has done outstanding work here in Duluth. Similar to Gwozdecky, he has run a very strong program, placed a number of players in the NHL, those that have not played at the next level graduated and are contributing to society. He’s a good family man. What more do you want? I need not list his accomplishments in hockey, etc. (see previous posts prior to his most recent contract extension). I believe that Sandelin should be on the committee that recommends/hires the next AD. BULLDOG hockey is the biggest revenue generator other than tuition. We need to keep quality people around as long as possible. Sounds like Gwozdecky did not have a relationship with the vice chancellor. From a sport perspective when one thinks of DU they think hockey. Same story here in Duluth, when one thinks of UMD they think BULLDOG hockey (no disrespect to our friends in other sports…. these are the facts). BBP you don’t like Sandelin and never have, that is your choice, but it is really unfortunate. He has done and will continue to do high quality work here in Duluth. Name me one coach in the WCHA (other than Hastings and Motzko) who is loved by their current fan base. The answer is ZERO. Fans are foolish in many cases and really have no clue what is going on (and I could be included in this group as well). You should be so lucky to have a coach that has had his teams play in a number of NCAA tournaments and Frozen Fours as well as won three National Championships (one in here in DULUTH).

  6. In Gwoz’s 27 seasons as a head coach, he has only had 5 losing seasons. 21 of those he had at least 20 wins. 13 NCAA post season play.

    In Sandelin’s 13 seasons, only 6 of them had 20+ wins. 7 losing seasons and 4 seasons of NCAA post season play. Let’s assume these stats stay the same if we double our comparison – Sandelin is still and well below Gwoz’s numbers. That would include 14 losing seasons. I’ll I’m saying is that George is a proven winner and perennial powerhouse with his teams. Sandelin has more to prove. Each year is a question mark with the Bulldogs. On paper, we should be competitive just about every year, but most often, the Bulldogs underachieve. George is a guy who can get the best out of his guys every year, especially after losing key talent and can reload. Yes, the past four years have great – although, this year was highly disappointing, but that happens when freshman and soph. are running the team. That’s not to say, though, UND, UMTC and DU have this happen to them and are always in the mix all season long and in the tourney.

    Just sayin…it would be nice to have UMD at the helm of NCHC and the talk of hockey as a powerhouse every year. A down year can happen, but it should be a surprise when it occurs. Expectations for this program should be 20+ wins every year, NCAA participation and Frozen Fours. National Championships are hard to come by, but at least be a favorite every year.

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