The changing college hockey landscape

As noted in a comment to a Rink and Run post, there was a buzz at the Frozen Four in St. Paul about the future of Division I hockey, considering the formation of the Big Ten league in 2013-14.

Talk centered on more possible fracturing of the WCHA and the CCHA, with speculation on the formation of another six-team league with Notre Dame, North Dakota, Nebraska-Omaha, Denver, Colorado College and Miami of Ohio.

It’s expected that Notre Dame will soon announce intentions to leave the CCHA, without having a spot in another league, yet. WCHA officials did meet with Notre Dame at the Frozen Four.

Stay tuned.

5 thoughts on “The changing college hockey landscape

  1. I have seen on several post that Miami does not have the travel budget for this. I still think that if this were to happen St. Cloud and the Bulldogs would be part of this. From what I have seen online the Denver Fans are the ones that got this talk going. I was at the Frozen Four and didn’t hear any UND fans talking about this.

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  3. Why anyone would take something as successful as the WCHA and throw it away is beyond me. The remaining WCHA teams should not panic. Let Minnesota and Wisconsin leave, schedule them each year, and get on with it. it will still be the best conference. Bring in Air Force and Fairbanks, they are pretty good and are west.

  4. I would be very surprised if Air Force left Atlantic Hockey. It would be very difficult for them to compete in the WCHA. They are severely limited recruiting due to the service commitment and they are unable to recruit Canadians. I believe the WCHA has a requirement that each arena needs to seat at least 4,000 and I don’t think Air Force is close to that. Why would they want to finish in the bottom half of the WCHA every year and have little chance of making the NCAA tourney when they have a great shot every year of getting the Atlantic Hockey auto bid. Plus they play Army in conference play. I don’t think the WCHA would take Fairbanks due to the fact it would mean 2 trips to Alaska every year for a few teams.

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