Chewing on one moment

If you have a lot of time and want to relive one moment in Minnesota Duluth’s win over No. 1 Yale last Saturday, you can go to the U.S. College Hockey Online commentary on the game — centering not around a goal or a save, but a penalty. I would recommend this only to true puck heads, a term used in a good way here, because it offers about a bazillion opinions, really almost too many for a typical hockey fan to digest.


The link is here.

Oh, and this just in from the nation’s oldest college student newspaper, the Yale Daily News here.

7 thoughts on “Chewing on one moment

  1. Wow, those Yale fans can’t get their hands around the fact the UMD Bulldogs outplayed them for 55 of the 60 minutes and dominated the game. It wasn’t just 5 minutes, Yale got beat up and down the ice. Uffda. Poor Yale.

  2. Heh. Go troll the Yale comments. “What over-vaunted martyrdom! Keep clutching your pearls, Yale. You keep it classy – throwing stuff on the ice, booing a call where a player was injured, booing goals your team let in… ‘It’s the ref’s fault we were scored on in that 5-on-3!’ As if UMD didn’t kill their own 5-on-3 or, oh ya! score shorthandedly. Penalty Kill: what happens when you quit whining about your lot and do something about it.”

  3. I am so sick of ESPN, Yale and every other write up on the game state the refs gave the game to UMD. I guess hitting a player at center ice is okay out east. Regardless if they ejected him or not, the Dogs would have scored those two PP goals with that clown in the box or while he was in the locker room. Yales special teams was a joke, they gave up PP goals and a shorty! That “bad call” didn’t give UMD the game, overrated Yale gave it to the Dogs on a silver plate!

    I also like the fact nobody is giving the dogs credit, they play better as underdogs anyways and that championship banner would look great inside Amsoil!

    • What’s telling is that the player in question that was hit has a concussion, if there wasn’t contact to the head how did he get it?

      • You do not have to get hit in the head to get a concussion. The head snapping backward after a hit is one cause, as is hitting the ice after a clean or illegal hit.

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