NCAA Rule Changes 2010-11

     The NCAA Ice Hockey Rules Committee outlined some rules changes Friday for 2010-11, although the proposals must be approved by the NCAA’s Playing Rules Oversight Panel in July. Changes, as distilled by Inside College Hockey, include:

Enhancement to the contact to the head rule to include a minimum of a five-minute major penalty and either a game misconduct or game disqualification penalty

Enforcement of icing at all times, including while a team is shorthanded

Modification of the no-touch icing rule to wave off icing if an official determines that an attacking player would reach the puck before a defending player

Alteration of the delayed penalty rule to provide the offensive team with a power play even if a goal was scored during the delay

Changing which end each team defends during an overtime period (goaltenders would now switch ends after the third period)

     Stories on the proposed changes are posted at U.S. College Hockey Online.

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     Also Michigan coach Red Berenson has a new contract and U.S. College Hockey Online has a story here.

3 thoughts on “NCAA Rule Changes 2010-11

  1. “Enforcement of icing at all times, including while a team is shorthanded”

    I don’t know about that one???

  2. I 100% agree with Not a good idea. That’s just not fair…do we want to have 10-9 hockey game scores?


  3. If they want to increase scoring in college hockey, stop letting the “clutch & grab style” teams, clutch snd grab!

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