PairWise and Frattin

     No. 5-ranked North Dakota will be without forward Matt Frattin for Thursday’s WCHA Final Five play-in game versus No. 11 Minnesota Duluth at Xcel Energy Center. Frattin was suspended by the WCHA on Monday for one game for a hit on Minnesota defenseman Kevin Wehrs on Sunday night in Grand Forks, N.D. Wehrs suffered a concussion.

      Brad Elliott Schlossman of the Grand Forks Herald has a story here. Schlossman notes that: Frattin was called for a five-minute, contact to the head charging major at the time — a call disputed by both benches. North Dakota’s coaching staff argued against it, while Minnesota’s coaching staff wanted Frattin thrown out of the game. Referees Derek Shepherd and Marco Hunt called the major but allowed Frattin to stay in the game. He later scored a goal.

     And an upated from Minneapolis Star Tribune beat writer Roman Augustoviz is here. And at the bottom of that post is a link to the pro future of Jordan Schroeder here.

     The Grand Forks Herald also has three photos of the Frattin-Wehrs meeting here, here and here.

     The Frattin-Wehrs video on You Tube is here.

     And if you’ve been ignoring the PairWise Rankings until the college hockey season got down to serious playoff business, we are now there. U.S. College Hockey Online and College Hockey News have Pairwise Predictors on their Web sties where fans can factor in any playoff possibility on the final conference post-season weekend and see how it would affect their team.

     The USCHO predictor is here. The College Hockey News predictor is here.

     The PairWise Rankings are here.

     North Dakota, like fellow WCHA members — No. 1 Denver, No. 3 Wisconsin and No. 6 St. Cloud State will be in the NCAA tournament. UMD is on the bubble at No. 11. Here’s a quick analysis on UMD from College Hockey News:

      11. If Duluth loses the Thursday play-in game at the Final Five, it’s in immediate trouble. It automatically loses the comparison to both Alaska and Northern Michigan at that point. And it loses the comparison to New Hampshire. In fact, winning the play-in then losing the next two, has the same effect. Thus, the only way for UMD to make the NCAAs is to win the Thursday game, and then win one of the next two against a field that includes four of the top six teams in the nation. A tall order, but obviously do-able, since UMD won the Broadmoor Trophy from this spot a year ago.

     It’s very all-or-nothing, since going 2-1 at least will get UMD a pretty good seed, maybe a matchup with Bemidji State (since it can’t play SCSU or North Dakota). A loss, and the Bulldogs plummet.

8 thoughts on “PairWise and Frattin

  1. There isn’t a bigger fan base of whiners, when one of their players gets cheap shotted, then the North Dakota Fans!

    They don’t seemed to have much of a problem when their players do it???

  2. Not all fans have been defending the hit. I can’t wait to hear the whining when UMD is bounced thursday night and then sits home from the NCAA tourney.

  3. Well, Hack, when we “whine” we won’t be looking for excuses or scapegoats like Sioux fans.

  4. The Sioux have never lost a game in their history – the refs always screw them over!! It’s a conspiracy! Now excuse me while I take off my tinfoil hat.

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