Camp Randall Nearly Ready

     An update further down on Saturday’s outdoor games at Camp Randall Stadium in Madison, Wis. The Wisconsin women face Bemidji State at 2 p.m., and the Wisconsin men play Michigan at 5 p.m.

     Also from the U.S. Olympic men’s team — defensemen Tim Gleason (Clawson, Mich./Carolina Hurricanes) and Ryan Whitney (Scituate, Mass./Anaheim Ducks/Boston University) have been named to the 2010 U.S. Olympic Men’s Ice Hockey Team. The pair replace Mike Komisarek (West Islip, N.Y./Toronto Maple Leafs/University of Michigan) and Paul Martin (Elk River, Minn./New Jersey Devils/University of Minnesota), both of whom will not participate in the Olympic Winter Games due to injury.

Andy Baggot, Wisconsin State Journal

The UW men’s and women’s hockey teams were in discovery mode Wednesday afternoon when they practiced for the first time on the new outdoor ice sheet at Camp Randall Stadium.

The workouts took place the same day that school officials said advance ticket sales for the Camp Randall Hockey Classic, sponsored by Culver’s, had hit 50,000.

The teams are scheduled to have two more opportunities to practice outdoors before Saturday when the women face Bemidji State at 2 p.m. and the men square off with Michigan at 5 p.m.

The UW women skated at 3, which gave members an opportunity to gauge shadows and light angles as they might hit the ice sheet Saturday. It was 29 degrees and sunny, which is why the players wore eye black patches. Some also wore lycra hoods under their helmets to help keep them warm.

Tracey DeKeyser, the women’s coach, and Mike Eaves, the men’s coach gave similar thumbs-up reports on the condition of the ice.

The men practiced from 4:30 until just before 6 with the stadium lights on and the main scoreboards activated. Eaves said the temperature — which was 27 when practice ended — and minimal wind would be favorable conditions for Saturday.

A couple revelations: Pucks came off the boards in very lively fashion, but there wasn’t much give to them when players were checked into the glass.

Nearly a dozen men’s players wore white lycra hoods under their helmets. At the other end of the spectrum was Jim Snider, the UW strength and conditioning coach, who spent just under 10 minutes watching the end of practice in a short-sleeve shirt.

As soon as practice ended, multiple players took aim at the football goal post at the north end of Camp Randall, attempting to split the uprights with a shot. The first to make good was senior center Blake Geoffrion with a line drive wrister.

If you’re wondering, "Jump Around’ will be played during the men’s game and the main video boards will feature game action, courtesy of the Big Ten Network.

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  1. K.P.

    Thanks for covering the Dogs as you do, but can we please get MORE info on UMD and less on Wisconsin, Rodents, St. Clown on here??

    I assume you attend practices, talk to the coaches, players during the week??

    If not, why not??

    I’m sorry for being critical, but the Bulldog fans I know want more UMD info and less info on Lucia, etc.

  2. Funny! They are going to play “Jump Around”. The last time they did that for a Badger hockey game, the Bulldogs beat them in OT.

  3. Based on his posts, Pates is at the rink at least twice a week, plus games.

    I get that you’re a UMD fan, but some of us don’t mind getting a blurb or two on stuff going on in the league, especially as it relates to teams we’re fighting for a league title with.

    Not only that, but Wisconsin is easily involved in the most interesting game this week. Can’t wait to watch it while I listen to UMD on the internet.

  4. Hockey info of all kinds here. More UMD specific in the pages of the Duluth News Tribune. Thanks for reading

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