Looking to 2010-11

 An entertaining second half of tbe 2009-10 college hockey season is just ahead, but if you’re a Minnesota Duluth fan planning for 2010-11, here’s the schedule as the Western Collegiate Hockey Association moves from 10 to 12 teams. Because the Bulldogs are scheduled for just one game in 33 days spanning December, coach Scott Sandelin says he’ll check into getting an exhibition home game with, possibly, the U.S. Under 18 team based in Ann Arbor, Mich.:


(Home games in CAPS)

Oct. 8 — at Lake Superior State

Oct 9 — at Northern Michigan

Oct. 15-16 — PROVIDENCE


Oct. 29-30 — at Bemidji State

Nov. 5-6 — at North Dakota

Nov. 12-13 — MICHIGAN TECH

Nov. 19-20 — at Wisconsin

Nov. 26-27 — at Clarkson

Dec. 3-4 — DENVER

Dec. 10-11 — at Minnesota

Dec. 30 — NORTH DAKOTA (DECC expansion opening)

Jan. 14-15 — WISCONSIN

Jan. 21-22 — at Michigan Tech

Feb. 4-5 — MINNESOTA

Feb. 11-12 — ST. CLOUD STATE

Feb. 18-19 — at Minnesota State-Mankato

Feb. 25-26 — at Colorado College


10 thoughts on “Looking to 2010-11

  1. So, Kevin,
    What is the point of playing an exhibition game in the middle of a season against a conference opponent? I don’t get this. Why not have a holiday tournament or something to show off the new DECC? This makes no sense. What if someone gets hurt? And what’s the point of even playing hard? This one seems totally ill-conceived. A real bonehead move by UMD.

  2. The game against North Dakota will serve as the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame Game which will benefit the Hall in Eveleth. It is not a WCHA game, but it is not an exhibition. It will count.

  3. BBP would have been much happier had UMD booked a game against Robert Morris for the opening of the new DECC.

    BBP would also have been about the only one happy with such a development.

  4. Correct me if I’m wrong, but the NCAA maximum number of games is 34. Games played in Alaska are exempt from this total, meaning two extra games may be scheduled (most likely one more home non-conference series) if you play a series in Alaska. UMD does not play at Anchorage next season so they are stuck at 34 games. The Hall of Fame Game is an exempt game as well, so the game against North Dakota will not count toward the total of 34, hence there are 35 games on next years schedule.

    As far as moving a non-conference series to the opening of the arena, I imagine the DECC people have something else planned for the arena that weekend or they would not be playing UND on a Thursday night.

    The extra game against UND is a great move by UMD as it will likely factor into the PWR rankings come tournament time much more than a game against a cupcake.

  5. Will the Duluth News Tribune possibly buy the rights to call the new arena at the DECC the Duluth News Tribune Forum at the DECC. The new arena should have a name so that we are not confused with the old arena.

  6. The DECC does have, I believe, a concert and open public skating on the opening weekend. And the DECC officials say they will talk to any company interested in buying the naming rights of the building (or they may even hold a name-the-building contest. Right now, the DECC folks say Old Arena and New Arena). And North Dakota isn’t scheduled to be at the DECC in 2010-11, so this is a chance to bring a WCHA power to Duluth next season.

  7. I love the UND game idea. It should be really fun. I think there are a lot of UND fans that like the idea, too. The only other team I think would be acceptable to open the new DECC would be the Gophers.
    I can’t believe that less than a year from now we’ll be in the new DECC!!!! Unreal.

  8. Who is Robert Morris? He is related to Garett Morris?
    Sorry, I had the wrong information. I thought the game could not count. Now that it does, I plan on attending!!
    Thanks Kevin for setting me straight.

  9. I think they should have opened it up with a team from out East so the arena wouldn’t be half full with opposing fans on opening night. It will be embarrassing to have 2-3000 Sioux fans there that night. Probably hard to get a team to travel far for one game however.

  10. Redline,
    You are DEAD ON! This town really doesn’t deserve a new arena, nor does UMD. Look how few students buy the cheap season tickets, and look how many empty seats there are. Even with the Mentor Duluth giveaway this weekend, there will be HUNDREDS of empty seats against the No. 4 team in the nation.
    The only reason we fill it up for the Sioux and Wisconsin and the Rodents is because of opposing team fans.
    I’ve been saying for years that UMD needs to totally upgrade its marketing and relationship with fans. but yes, by next February, there will be empty seats in the new arena, mark my word.
    They need all new TV, radio and marketing efforts to make UMD the MUST HAVE ticket in town.
    Oh well, go Dogs! I’ll be there to see them win!!

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