DECC Groundbreaking

     Did I mention that the official groundbreaking for the new $80 million DECC expansion took place Monday, April 13? Well, it did. Minnesota Duluth coach Scott Sandelin and athletic director Bob Nielson were among the dignitaries wearing hard hats and shoveling dirt in the parking lot of the current DECC. The spot for the hockey rink was drawn out on the parking lot to give folks an idea of location. The first game is still about 18 months away, planned for Dec. 31, 2010. An accompanying new parking ramp is already under construction.

One thought on “DECC Groundbreaking

  1. I can’t wait to see the first game in the new DECC. I’m assuming opening night will be a non-conference game or would the WCHA schedule a conference series over Christmas/New Year break?

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